About us

La Casa Easy is a lifestyle. The joy of living in a the house with elegant and simple elements. The flexibility and multi-functionality. This is a concrete answer to the lack of space that features in our contemporary living. This is a style that is always evolving, as personal housing needs changing during our lifetime. In a modern house, the rooms are adaptable and flexibility is the password.

The company has always been run by the same family who is committed to the art woodcrafting. The production and operating site are located on the old sawmill, dating back from ‘900. The building was expanded, renovated and streamlined to support the production of furniture. However, the Family maintained the original appearance and traditional features. All products are made with care, by careful selection of the raw materials and the rigorous checks at every stage of production. These include performing all the tests to meet the current standards of quality and safety, as well as the use of paints that are eco-friendly to the environment. As a final touch, we also use other materials, to make our products always stylish and unique, suitable for modern living solutions. All our production is Made in Italy.